I set up the installation on a vm using Oracle.

Follow the setup instructions and options and then log into the admin management console which is the ip of the pbx.

Go to the pbx terminal and type

yum update nodejs

Go to Dashboard on Admin Web Page.

Click on Modules not installed nag (red)

Find and install Process Manager

Click Process

Return to Module list and pick all the free upgrades and installs you can find, while dodging or buying commercial mods

Click Process

If you receive an error try upgrading the node server,

Click Process

Then the phone apps, xmpp, etc.

property manager triggers an error

fwconsole ma upgrade areminder (in the pbx terminal) or fwconsole –fix-zend

then try yum update


now this is what worked.

When in the Module admin area unselect standard, and only select commercial.

I was now able to install property manager

set  up cname acct

Go to Telnyx account

create a connection

enter public ip and auth

activate connection to number

at pbx admin

goto connectivity-trunks

add trunk name, cid, login, etc

Add dialing rules all digits e911 etc

assign extensions

clear phone to factory

goto phone webpage IP and log in

add account 1 ext