Inventory of day 1

Our scope of work:

Will be hanging 2 65in panels in the showroom and 2 48-inch inch panels in other locations. Job consists of running RG6 and Cat6 cables to five different locations and connecting everything into a media serving rack.

Previous installers seemed carefree

The rack for computer devices.

One outlet finished

Two more done

Alot of attic work today.

My easiest run of the day should have been 15 minutes, turned into almost two hours. A string left by a previous installer, should have been an easy cable pull. Ended up that the string was wrapped around a T1 trunk line several times and wasn’t going anywhere. I had to re-route the wiring outside of the conduit. The run was 150ft, which was too long for my fish tape.

All cabling terminated, and tested for connectivity. Ready to mount Panels

A drywall lift was utilized in hanging the showroom tv panels. A little shaky, but much more budget oriented than a scissor lift.


All Panels mounted, and powered on.


Finished cabling of rack.