TSS Solutions offers customers a cost effective, custom predictive dialer solution with a one-time activation fee, low monthly recurring costs and per minute rates.

Please contact the TSS Solutions Sales Department at 321-265-0761  for a custom quote and payment options.



TSS Solutions Smart Predictive Auto Dialer software has all the features and built-in capabilities to process hundreds of simultaneous automatic calls, play a pre-recorded message then transfer the call to an agent or disconnect the call.


Regular Mail is extremely expensive and time consuming and while individual’s email addresses come and go, company fax numbers rarely change. Fax also provides the most reliable confirmation that your message has been delivered successfully. Our Fax Broadcast service is full of features to make your job easier.


TSS Solutions dialer solution allows you to build an custom IVR solution using our IVR Designer tool to seamlessly forwarding calls to the right queues / live agents.


TSS Solutions dialer solution supports a variety of outbound campaigns like press 1 campaigns, survey campaign, appointment reminder campaign, subscription campaign, agent campaign with option to forward calls of potentials customers to queues or live agents.


Improve customer retention and satisfaction, and ultimately increase your bottom line with Appointment Reminder software from TSS Solutions. With our Voice Broadcast software and IVR application, setting up phone appointment reminders for your workforce, clients, patients or students is straightforward.


  • Automatically predict call volumes based on ACD, ASR, other parameters
  • Built-In WebRTC softphone, no third party softphone needed
  • Answering Machine Detection with decision making functionality
  • Master Do Not Call List, DNC number scrubbing
  • User based DNC lists
  • Call scheduling, schedule start/stop hour of day, day of week
  • Manage campaigns in real time
  • Call transfer
  • Agent login/logout support
  • Set agent status manually
  • Live agent statistics
  • Agent call reports
  • Built-in REST API for CRM integration
  • Agent dialogue (script)
  • Agent performance reports
  • Automatic call recording
  • Categorize and manage contacts, duplicate filter, invalid contact filter
  • Custom Caller ID, Caller ID on transfer to agent


Our attorney makes us say this..

Not all features available in all rate centers.   Customers planning to port numbers to TSS Solutions and use E911, CNAM, eFax or SMS should contact TSS Solutions Sales Department in advance to confirm these services are available before activating new service.   E911, CNAM and SMS may incur additional charges.  For your security third party SMS Gateways may reject certain messages that contain financial or security data such as those transmitted by financial institutions. 

Customer agrees phone support charges are non-refundable.  Billing increments are one minute or thirty minute and negotiated at time of payment.  Purchase of phone support constitutes acceptance of TSS Solutions Terms of Service found at http://tos.helixtelecom.com.  Customers purchasing technical services agrees and understands the customer is not obligated to purchase or use TSS Solutions technical services.  TSS Solutions may, at its sole discretion, refuse to offer technical support services without offering a refund.  Customer purchasing technical services also agree and understands TSS Solutions staff are not experts in any technical services offered and therefore use of TSS Solutions technical services may lead to damage or loss to the customer.  Purchase constitutes agreement to hold TSS Solutions wholly harmless in case of such damage.  Purchase of technical services does not guarantee any specific time frame for scheduling such work.  All technical services must be scheduled and completed within 14 days or any remaining technical support time and payment are forfeit.